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Binaural Beats – Functioning And Benefits

The frequency and length of your brainwaves have a direct impact on your mental health, your performance, and your cognitive abilities.  If you want to sleep better, initiate natural healing processes, or concentrate better, you need tools and techniques to actively influence your brainwaves.  The idea that all of this is possible by playing certain

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Multinational flags hanging from buildings representive different languages and countries

Why you should Learn Languages

Being a native English speaker might make you confident that you don’t need to learn another language. After all, English is the most dominant language in the world. With 1.5 billion people speaking it, it is the second most spoken language worldwide, Mandarin being the most used one. However, 55.7% of the internet is in

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man standing on a cliff at dawn, visualising his dreams depsite of a full-time job

How to Pursue your Dreams despite a full-time Job

The reason most of us work in our current jobs is money. Obviously. We need to pay rent, food, clothing, entertainment, and more. In order to afford the standards we are used to, we have to put up with mediocre working-conditions, extensive overtime, and generally unengaging, boring work. Feeling trapped in this carousel of obligations

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9 Steps to Weekly Planning! – Comprehensive Guide 2019

Weekly planning is the link between long-term planning (ie annual and target planning) and short-term daily planning. Often, this “intermediate step” of the weekly planning is omitted, which I absolutely can not understand. In this article, I want to show you what the weekly planning looks like for me, what I pay attention to and

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9 Crucial Productivity Habits You Didn’t Know!

Productive habits are those things that are completely automated and make my life more efficient without really having to think about it. When you brush your teeth in the morning you do not even think about it and do it anyway, because you’ve been used to it for years. Unfortunately, many people have habits that

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