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How to Take Responsibility – Comprehensive Guide 2019

You want to take full responsibility for YOUR life?

You want to take your destiny into your own hands and not let others decide about you?

You want to live as YOU think is right and put your wishes into reality?

In this article, I’ll show you how to finally take responsibility for your life and become the master of your life and your deeds!

I promise you, your thinking will change radically after reading this article …

But before it starts, one more important thing:
Why self-responsibility is so damn important?
Look at the people who are successful and happy.

Do you even know one single person who leaves the responsibility for their lives to other people?

Answer: Of course not!

People who are successful and happy have taken full responsibility for their lives. Because what happens if you do not take responsibility for your life and make other people decide for you?

the following:

You blame others for your situation.
You blame others for not feeling well.
You think that others are to blame for not getting what you want in your life.
You believe that YOU CAN NOT change it.
You put yourself in the corner of passivity.
You automatically give power to others.

Do you see what you are doing here? You put your life in the hands of other people. Stop it TODAY.

Start taking responsibility for your life and actions today.

And how exactly that works, I’ll show you right now! But let’s first clarify an important question:

Why have you been avoiding your responsibility so far?
It is important to understand why you have been pushing yourself in some situations before. Because only if you know the reason, you can change something about it.

What are you afraid of?
That’s why most people do not take responsibility for something because of they:

Afraid to fail
Afraid to not live up to the situation
Fearing that others might think badly about them

Often it is also difficult for us to set clear boundaries and simply say NO.

By the way, I was not any different …

I have virtually shied away from any responsibility that exists …

I have neglected relationships for fear of not doing justice to them …
I’ve been shirking tasks at work, afraid of failing …
I let others take precedence because I was insecure …
I could not make decisions for fear of making a big mistake …
and if something did not work as I wanted, I often blamed the others.
And the fatal:

The less responsibility I took, the worse I was!

I became more and more passive in my actions, pushing more and more blame to other people. I condemned my life. I condemned myself. And where that led to, it is clear: I felt lousy every day. At some point I was really crappy. Then I finally realized that I had to change something. So I decided to take responsibility for ME and my life from now on.

And that was the bowl for luck!

That’s why my friend …

Start with YOU and take responsibility for yourself, because only YOU are responsible for your life. No one else. Not your parents, not the politics, not the economy, nobody!
You are responsible for having just THAT in life, what you want.

You have to internalize that thought 100%, if you ever want to change anything! Therefore, please read it to yourself a few more times.

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Take over the complete responsibility for your life from today!

How to Take Responsibility with friends

I’ll show you now how this works:

Taking responsibility – the key to happiness

Here I tell you my 6 ultimate tips for more personal responsibility and for a successful, happy life

Small steps – how do I start

If you are not used to taking responsibility for yourself, start small. It’s also the best way to overcome your fears.

Every little step gives you more confidence and security, and over time you can take on larger responsibilities.

Practice in small steps with everyday things.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

Bring the garbage out again.
Clear a table, a cupboard drawer or the “mess drawer”.
Take responsibility for your mailbox. Empty it and finally take care of the unanswered letters and bills.
Make your bed every morning. (Even if you ransack it anyway in the evening – do not worry, just do it!) It makes you feel like you really have a grip on your life.)
Buy a plant and make sure it survives for more than three weeks.
A little extra tip from me:

Think about situations that you like to squeeze yourself against and that you do not enjoy doing and then grab them. Go ahead and pull it off without a grunt and growl. Also go in small steps. Do not overburden yourself, otherwise you will quickly lose your motivation.

You’ll quickly realize how well you feel when you’ve done tasks that you normally do not do.

Make decisions – quickly and effectively

A great philosopher once said:

If you can not decide for yourself what you want to do, then the others decide.

That’s why it’s so important that you finally take responsibility and make the decisions in your life YOURSELF. Otherwise, you will always be dependent on the decisions of others and never live the life that you would like.

Therefore, start today to make your own decisions and consciously go in the direction you want to go.

How do you do that?

as follows:

Practice yourself here in small situations:

In front of the wardrobe:
Start in the morning and decide within 3 seconds what you want to wear. The long back and forth puts you off unnecessary energy. Therefore, the faster you decide, the better off you will be. So put on the outfit, which comes to mind first.
At breakfast:
Do the same with breakfast: Do not think long about what you want to eat. Get that out of the fridge, what you’re up to. Your body knows best what it needs anyway.
You do not know what else to do with the day? Write down a few options and then decide quickly. Prank everything in order, which you least want, until only 1 or 2 things are left. Do this intuitively, without brooding.
In the restaurant:
You are in the restaurant and notice that you are reading the menu for the fourth time up and down? You are about to ask the others what YOU are ordering? STOP! Interrupt your thought carousel. What was your first intuition? That’s what you order. And then you do NOT think about it any longer if something else would not have been better …
With this tactic, you train your decision-making skills daily and are then well-prepared for bigger, difficult decisions. And you’re never wasting your time and energy in the never-ending thought potion.

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And then very important: If the decision has been made, stick to it. Do not start questioning everything again five minutes later.

Decide for yourself what your life should look like!

Make decisions and stand up for it. Do not let others decide or chance about your life.

Why do you bring mistakes forward?

Very often we are afraid to take responsibility for our lives because we do not want to make a mistake. But I’ll tell you one thing: you will not get around making mistakes. And better yet, mistakes get you moving!

Do you want to be happy? Then stop wanting to be perfect. – Brené Brown

Don’t you think?

Imagine, you have decided to travel for a long time. After two days you realize: shit, that was not what I wanted to do … At this moment it is important to admit the mistake and to decide to break off the journey.

And what good is that for you?

Answer: If you had not started the journey, then the mistake would not have happened to you. BUT – you would ask yourself every day: what if I had done it?

Instead, you were brave, you tried it damn, you took that step and you took full responsibility for yourself and your desires. You realized that it was not the way to go, and you took it a step further in life.


Only by making mistakes do you come forward! You get to know yourself better and you learn that making mistakes is not a problem at all. This helps you scary to take more responsibility in the future and just try things out!

Extra tip:

Write on a piece of paper:

You learn from mistakes.


The biggest mistake you can make in life is always to be afraid of making a mistake.

Then you take the note and paste it to the fridge so you can see it every morning.

By seeing the spell every day, this belief is anchored inside you, and it will always be EASIER for you to take responsibility and try things out.

And if you want to get started right, say the sentence three more times before opening the fridge. Or create positive beliefs yourself. Look at it every day, say it aloud and you will anchor it in your subconscious mind and act upon it.

The wish fulfillment method

To lead a happy and responsible life, you must know your own desires and fulfill them yourself.

Do not wait for someone to come and serve you on the silver platter. Nobody will come.

Do not wait for other life circumstances, the lottery prize or the pension. Become active yourself and get started. Because the perfect time to take responsibility for fulfilling your wishes is now! Just now. And who could do that better than you?

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So TODAY start by making your dreams come true.

Think about this:

What is good for me?
Where do I feel so happy?
What do I like to do?
What do I do on a day off without any commitment?
What am I burning for?
What wishes have I had for so long that I almost forgot them again?
Write down your results, sort them by priority and then simply convert them. Become active!

You are keen on a healthy diet? Download recipes from the net, go shopping and go.
You want to be massaged? Go to the masseur or just ask your partner.
You want to make a world tour? Get catalogs or do research on the internet and start planning.
That’s ultimate self-responsibility! You turn your dreams into reality and decide SELF about your life! You do not believe HOW that feels good until you try it. You will love it!

Use the power of mental images properly

Self-responsibility starts in the mind. And with your thoughts.

You can reduce your fear of responsibility by always providing the best possible result. Because the fear arises only when we imagine what could go wrong …

But you can also imagine how OPTIMAL works! This feels a thousand times better and the reality is positively influenced.

For this I have a really cool technique for you:

The power of mental images:

Before you start your day, think about the situation in which you want to take responsibility today.
Close your eyes and imagine the situation as realistic as possible.
Focus on it. Feel it in your whole body.
See it, smell it, feel it … how you move, how you smile, what you say …
SEE YOURSELF, how you have the matter fully under control!
Make this your daily morning routine. I guarantee you: You will start the day with a sense of insanity and be much more self-confident.

Just give it a try. YOU have the power to create your sense of responsibility. Nobody else. Only you!

Extra tip:

You can use the exercise of mental images anytime, anywhere. Not just for more sense of responsibility. All other qualities can also be positively enhanced: more courage, more success, more enthusiasm, more love …

No matter what you want to achieve, imagine it every day and enjoy your new life, which you will create with it!

Self-responsibility is the key to happiness
So my dear friend, now you have it in black and white: self-responsibility is THE key to happiness.

TODAY start taking my 6 simple tips step by step into your life.

So that you can remember it every day, I’ve summarized all the points in the overview here:

Exercise responsibility in small everyday steps.
Make as many quick decisions as possible every day and stick to it.
Make mistakes and learn from them.
Take responsibility for the bullshit you have built.
Just fulfill your wishes yourself.
Use the power of mental images.
Print this list out and hang it on the fridge, the mirror or somewhere else where you see it every day. Train your Responsible Muscle every day and experience how you gradually take your life into your own hands!

And if you want your friends to live a more self-determined life, share this article on Facebook.

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