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9 Crucial Productivity Habits You Didn’t Know!

Productive habits are those things that are completely automated and make my life more efficient without really having to think about it. When you brush your teeth in the morning you do not even think about it and do it anyway, because you’ve been used to it for years.

Unfortunately, many people have habits that make them less productive rather than productive. Examples include watching TV, reading a newspaper, surfing Facebook, playing games on a smartphone, and many more.

If you want to make your life more productive and efficient, be sure to train yourself on productive habits. Just as one gets used to negative habits (such as smoking), one can also train positive and productive habits. How this works will be covered in this article!

But now I want to introduce you to my 9 productive habits, which I carry out on a daily basis and without which I would hardly be able to bring top-level performance.

Productivity Habits from two people

Get up early

I get up almost every day between 5:00 and 5:30. For me, this is not a big hassle or any overcoming anymore. Since I’ve been doing this ritual for a few years, it’s normal for me and does not pose any obstacle or problem.

The time in the morning makes me more productive because I can work in absolute peace and without disturbances. Most of my books, blog articles, podcasts, and more come into being before 8am.

So when many of my friends and colleagues go to work, I’ve already done a lot of it. I think this is the most important of all the productive habits I list here. My personal Gamechanger!

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Efficient Daily Planning

A further important point for me, because it allows me to work the day at my own pace, but above all without stress or having to postpone my tasks.

Many people fail on task lists, or on day planning, simply because they have no sense of what they can do in one day and, on the other hand, because they plan without buffer times. There are always things in between, which jumble up the daily planning. But only if I do not expect these things. On the other hand, when I schedule them, they have almost no effect.

The daily schedule is also a very important daily habit of mine.


Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy sports. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and run twice a week. In the summer I also use the bike as a means of transportation but also get some fresh air.

For the remaining two days of the week I try to actively regenerate, for example to stretch, to go to the sauna, or to be massaged.

Life without sport is unthinkable for me, as it makes me much fresher, more productive and more efficient. Remember, I do this especially if I can not do sports for a while because of injury. I then realize that I am not able to handle for so long, normally.

Without productive habits like sport, my life would probably be half as productive.

Productivity Habits Example

Write a Diary

I just started doing that a short while ago, so I’m just starting to get used to this productive habit. But even this productive habit has an effect on my efficiency because it forces me to reflect on my day, even if things went bad.

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Now you can write a diary but please not as a 15-year-old teenager, but I ask myself every day these questions:

What did I learn today (what made me better today)?
What am I grateful for today?

How do I feel right now?
What are my plans for tomorrow?

By answering these questions, you learn a lot about yourself, especially in terms of productivity.

5-Minute Timeout

Mostly this takes place in the form of a walk. One could simply call this productive habit a little meditation exercise. Whenever I notice that my ability to concentrate wears off, I get dressed and walk around the block once. In doing so, I try to switch off and, if possible, only let the environment affect me.

Sometimes I manage that quite well, sometimes not at all. But I get better and better every now and then. When I am back in my office, I can start fresh and refreshed again.


I try to read at least 30 minutes every day. It does not matter to me if the blog article, a book or a magazine, the main thing is the content offers me added value. Therefore, daily newspapers are not included!

That, too, is one of the more important of my productive habits, because it allows me to continue my education and thus develop myself personally.

You will rarely find me without a book, because it is always in my backpack, whether traveling or on the way to work. By the way, at the moment I am reading the biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger and I have to say that I’m too deeply impressed.

Podcasts & Audiobooks

In the past, I almost always listened to music in the car, but now almost exclusively podcasts and audiobooks. This productive habit also helps me to stay up to date and to develop myself further.

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But not only in the car, often in the gym, or in the evening before falling asleep, I listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

Enjoy a Coffee

Yes, I’m a coffee junkie, I confess. Maybe this is a negative and not a productive habit. I’m not talking about the coffee next to work, or the coffee I drink with colleagues. But I’m talking about the coffee that I make myself (or order), which I really enjoy sip by sip and for me also a little meditation exercise, similar to the 5-minute timeout represents.

Take the Stairs

Whenever I can, I use the stairs instead of the lift, because that promotes blood circulation and makes you a little fresher again. So, this productive habit helps you to bring the concentration back up and to be able to work in a more focused way.

There are actually only two exceptions when I do not take the stairs: When I’m fully packed and after sports (because I’ve already done something for the blood circulation anyway and honestly, after my workouts I wouldn’t even be able to).

Productivity Habits: Conclusion

Try to install productive habits in your life, because they will make you more productive and efficient. Not only does it make life easier, but it also gives you more time for the really important things in life.

What productive habits do you perform in your life? I am very happy if you leave me a comment and I can learn something from you as well.

Many Thanks!

Enjoy your day!

P.S .: Further information on this topic can also be found in our Free Ebook!

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