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Binaural Beats – Functioning And Benefits

Benefits of Binaural Beats

The frequency and length of your brainwaves have a direct impact on your mental health, your performance, and your cognitive abilities.
If you want to sleep better, initiate natural healing processes, or concentrate better, you need tools and techniques to actively influence your brainwaves.
The idea that all of this is possible by playing certain sounds with well-defined frequencies on your smartphone and listening through your headphones sounds almost too easy.
However, in the course of this article, you will learn how to use binaural beats for you.

Also, I will present what benefits they offer you, and how binaural beats can optimize or relax your brain in a natural way.  

What Are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are a way to stimulate your brainwaves from the outside to adjust them to a pre-defined frequency range.

Binaural beats are among the techniques of brainwave entrainment.
In 1837, a physicist by the name of Heinrich Wilhelm Dove found in a series of experiments that tones with different frequencies can positively change your brainwaves naturally and with virtually no side effects.
This discovery was revolutionary even then, but it was only in the course of the technology of the last decades that it gained recognition in a large part of society.

Among other things, this resulted from the easier use of headphones and smartphones.

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

Specifically, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove demonstrated that hearing a tone with a frequency of 400 Hz on the left ear and a frequency of 410 Hz on the right ear creates an imaginary tone of 10 Hz in your brain.

Thus, after a while, your brain waves will settle at a frequency of about 10 Hz.
The word binaural therefore means “having two ears”. As already mentioned, binaural beats are part of the field of brain wave entrainment.
Brainwave entrainment takes place in your brain and is the process described above in which your brain calculates the difference between two differently frequented sounds and adjusts accordingly to the new wavelength and frequency.
Once your brain adapts to the new frequency, it starts producing brainwaves at the same frequency.

This enhances the desired positive effects.

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This effect is called “Frequency Following Response” (FFR).
All you have to do is feed your headphones with sounds at the right frequency.

This puts you in control of your brainwaves and thus your mind.

Learn now which brainwaves have different effects on your mental state.

How To Apply Binaural Beats Correctly

As described above, binaural beats can put your brain waves or brain in different states.

Overall, you can divide the frequency of your brainwaves into five different categories.
As a result, the frequency of the binaural beats depends on the desired target state of the user.

For example, if you want to relax, it makes sense to hear binaural beats that put your brain in a theta state (3-8Hz).
In the following, you will get an ordered overview of the five categories of brainwaves and their effects on your body and mind.

38 to 42 Hz (Gamma waves)

Gamma brainwaves have by far the highest frequency and are associated with fast thinking and the efficient processing of large amounts of data.
People who are in this state can process a lot of information in a short time and understand complex relationships.

You can imagine gamma brain waves upgrading your memory.
Although gamma brainwaves at the right dose can have many benefits, they have not been scientifically studied.

The good news though: Over the last few years, however, they have received more and more attention.
A large amount of gamma brainwave has the following effects on your brain:

  • Feelings of connectedness and bliss
  • Increased attention of all five senses
  • A great deal of self-discipline
  • Quick understanding of complex relationships

14 to 38 Hz (Beta waves)

Beta brainwaves are among the most common brainwave patterns.

They arise when you are focused and you have to work your way mentally.

First and foremost, they are produced by your rational logical-thinking brain.
As the activity of beta brainwave increases, the degree of synchronization of your brain halves decreases.

However, that does not matter as we are relatively often in this brainwave pattern.
The following benefits and effects you can enjoy in beta:

  • More focus and concentration
  • Improved logical and critical thinking
  • Too many beta brain waves lead to insomnia

8 to 12 Hz (Alpha waves)

Alpha brainwaves have a lower frequency than beta or gamma waves.

This condition usually exists when you let your thoughts run wild and you have to focus on little to no things.
People who meditate are usually in this frequency range.

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Even routine activities such as driving, gardening or housework favor brain waves with a frequency of 8 to 12 Hz.
The alpha state is seen as a bridge or connection between the conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

That’s why he has so many regenerative benefits for your body and mind.
Alpha brainwaves have the following benefits for your health and performance:

  • Less negative emotions
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Supports you in meditation
  • Improved creativity and imagination
  • Better memory and faster knowledge retrieval

3 to 8 Hz (Theta waves)

Theta brainwaves have been used for centuries in meditation.

Even people in trance, a state in which people actually sleep but can still perceive their environment, are in this frequency range of their brain waves.
People who are in the theta state usually lose their sense of time and can access deeper levels of their subconscious mind.

This also improves their ability to remember their dreams.
Theta brainwaves can have the following positive effects:

  • A feeling of inner peace and connectedness
  • Deep relaxation and no stress
  • Improved intuition and inspiration
  • A calm mind and meditative thoughts

0 to 3 Hz (Delta waves)

Delta brainwaves have the lowest frequency range and are measured in humans especially in deep sleep phases.

These brainwaves cause the cells of your body to regenerate and heal.
In the delta state, regenerative hormones such as melatonin or DHEA are released.

In addition, somatropin, the human growth hormone, is released.

A high somatropin level is associated with better skin, nails and normal hair growth.
At the right dose, delta brainwaves can lead to more empathy and compassion for other people.

The delta state is also a place of deepest relaxation, healing, and spiritual connection.

Benefits Of Binaural Beats and Functioning

What Are The Benefits Of Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats give you the ability to customize your brainwaves to best fit your needs.

Therefore, they can also offer you a variety of benefits for your health and performance.


In recent years, binaural beats have become increasingly popular among people who meditate regularly.

This may sound a bit strange at first, since not all binaural beats are suitable for relaxing.
Interestingly, however, the majority of binaural beats available on Youtube are geared to this very purpose.

You will find a variety of binaural beats in the delta and theta area, which are deposited with relaxing soundscapes.
Also, meditation has a similar purpose to binaural beats in the beta and delta range.

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The goal is to relax you by slowing down the frequency of your brainwaves. You can do even better if, in addition to your normal meditation techniques, you also hear binaural beats!

Better Cognitive Skills

Have you ever heard of the so-called Mozart effect?

This effect describes the phenomenon that occurs when students and students hear Mozart before their exam and then perform significantly better than their classmates and classmates.
Binaural beats have exactly the same effect on your brain and your mental abilities.

They help you sync your two halves of the brain so you can think more holistically and faster.
If you want to increase your brain power, you should move in the beta to alpha range, i.e. between 8 and 30 Hz.

After less than 15 minutes, you will notice how your mind sharpens and you are clearly concentrated.

Reduce Stress and Relax

Is there anything more relaxing than a warm bath in the evening with a glass of red wine in hand?

Yes, the same bath while listening to binaural beats in the Delta to Theta area.
Studies have shown that meditation combined with binaural beats can stimulate those areas of your brain that are responsible for releasing happiness hormones.

This will help you relax and rest.
In addition, considering your health, it is incredibly important to regularly reduce stress and shut it down completely.

Binaural beats in combination with the right meditation techniques can help you.

Final Thought: Binaural Beats Benefits

Binaural beats are a way to externally stimulate your brainwaves to control them in a pre-defined frequency range.

This will help you to improve your mood, increase your concentration and relax better.
Your brainwaves can be subdivided into five areas depending on the frequency.

These areas include gamma, alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves.

Gamma has the highest frequency and Delta the lowest.

The lower the frequency the more relaxing are the binaural beats.

The higher the frequency, the stronger the effects on your concentration and memory.
Binaural beats have a variety of positive effects on your health and performance.

First and foremost, they can help you with mediation, improve your concentration, and help reduce stress.

Did you every try to incorporate Binaural Beats into your workday?

What other techniques are you aware of that may attain similar achievements?

Let me know about your personal experiences in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading folks.



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