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7 Benefits of having Indoor Plants

Benefits of Indoor plants

Plants, while beatiful, can be expensive to have in the house.

I recently went shopping to spice up my office room and dropped 80$ on plants.

And i could have spend more.

In fact, once you are in the plant department, you get all these exciting ideas for where you want to put what plants, only to look at the price tag and have your excitement diminished.

Altough they have a shorter lifespan than other decoration or furniture, they still can last a decent amount of time.

These are reasons that make it more difficult to go ahead and get the plants, perhaps favoring them over a new pair of sneakers or furniture.

Especially for students and people who are tight on money, plants oftentimes do not find their way to the top of their priority list.

Lets see if I can change that.

They Improve the Quality of the Air

Especially relevant when spending a lot of time indoors or in the same room, plants naturally improve the air you breathe.

As I am sure every one of us had to study photosynthesis at some point in school, we know that plants take in carbon dioxide, to spit out oxygen.

As we humans do the same, only in the opposite order, plants and humans perfectly compliment each others’ lifestyles.

Therefore, having a few plants around will make sure that there is a constant circulation, providing fresh air all the time.

As plants usually switch to producing carbon dioxide themselves over night, make sure to look out for the rare few that don’t.

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Here is a list of a few of them

  • Aloe Vera
  • Areca Palm
  • Neem Tree
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Orchids

As these plants produce oxygen 24/7, they are particularly advantagous.

When plant-shopping for the bedroom, these oxygen-enginges are of special value.

Plants Humidify the Air

Dealing with dry air a lot in your home?

Look no further!

Instead of filling bowls with water, placing them on the heater to get some moisture in the air, better pour the water into pots full of plants!

By on-going transpiration, plants eject small bits of water from their leaves continously.

By not only improving the quality of the air in terms of oxygen-share, but they also make sure that your room is not dried up, and pleasant to be in.

Plants Absorb Sound

Having troubles to get some good night sleep? or simply getting stressed and distracted from a noisy environment?

Plants might be the solution you are searching for.

Depending on the size and number of plants, their leaves and overall structure enable them to scatter incoming sound, creating a soothing, relaxed atmosphere.

Since an increasing number of the population live in urban areas, quality of air and noise reduction play a bigger role for more people.

How great that the answer to these new arising problems lay with the oldest living things on this planet!

Rules of thumb when it comes to noise reduction are the following.

  1. The more the merrier – simply put, more plants absorb more sound.
  2. The bigger the better – Bigger plants with larger leaf sizes absorb more sound.
  3. Mix it up – Use a collection of big and small plants to optimize sound absorption
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Plants Increase Productivity

Increasing productivtiy, something everyone wishes for.

We never get as much done as we want to, always missing out here and there because of laziness, lack of motivation or concentration, or other external and internal factors.

To tackle the problem, plants have shown to increase concentration, boosting overall productivity.

An important factor to keep in mind that simply having a plant in the room is not enough.

In order to benefit from the concentration boost, it has to be in your sight.

Make sure to place your plants strategically, so that you always have one in your eye of sight, or don’t need much of a movement to see one.

Plants Reduce Stress and Anxiety

As studies have shown, being around plants reduces stress and anxiety.

While it cannot quite match up with de-stressing in the forest or park, where you are exposed to many more plants, indoor plants do a pretty fine job on their own.

More than that, seeing plants flourish and thrive under your supervision makes you feel good.

When faced with little spare time due to family and job constraints, a pet might not be in the realm of possibilities.

As they need a lot of attention, money and time to clean and take care of, perhaps try a plant at first.

Looking after them, seeing how they change in appearance, and nuturing them will give you a sense of importance in your life.

Taking over responsibility, then acing the result is always a quick way to make you feel good about yourself.

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Doing this with plants is an easy and effective way to feel needed.

Plants Look Awesome

Multiple big, green, leafs

Perhaps the most simple benefit is how they look and feel.

Touching them, looking at them, getting familiar with them, all of these things just feel right.

Moreover, having a favorite plant, always looking for new ones, and learning how each individual one functions is a fun hobby to have.

In addition, they have a very pleasent effect in your home.

After dropping some money on plants, my space feels more natural, relaxing, and just more like home.

No other forniture can replicate that effect in my opinion.

This earthly, pleasant vibe can be enough reason on its own to get some!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, get some cheap plants right now and see for yourself!

Plants have Natural Healing Properties

As studies have shown, being around plants in, for example, a hospital environment will promote the healing of patients recovering from surgeries.

Complementary, having plants close to you will influence the healing of inflammations positively.

Bottom line

Plants are awesome for various reasons.

  • Increasing the quality of air tremendously
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Boosting your well-being and sense of responsibility
  • Helping you with healing
  • Looking and feeling extremely satisfying
  • Absorbing sound
  • Improving concentration and productivity

On top of that, you don’t need rational decision making to buy a plant.

There is no need to weigh they pros agaisnt the cons in order to make the “right” decisions.

Just their very being should be enough of a reason to bring some nature into everyone’s homes.

Any opinions on plants? Drop a comment!

Thank you so much for reading!


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