"Hi Haters" layed down with scrabble letters

Why Negativity Is The Easy Choice

Taking a look at social media, we get flooded with negativity and hate. Everytime an achievments gets posted, it is greated with both sides of the emotional coin. While some applaud in awe of what someone has accomplished, others respond with negativity. Talking down what has been done, quickly reminding everyone of potential flaws. In

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Benefits of Indoor plants

7 Benefits of having Indoor Plants

Plants, while beatiful, can be expensive to have in the house. I recently went shopping to spice up my office room and dropped 80$ on plants. And i could have spend more. In fact, once you are in the plant department, you get all these exciting ideas for where you want to put what plants,

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Oxytocin Benefits Thumbnail

Benefits of Oxytocin – Complete Guide 2019

Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, plays a central role when it comes to your well-being. What exactly Oxytocin is, the benefits of oxytocin, and how you can boost it to improve your well-being is explained in this article. What is Oxytocin? Oxytocin is both hormone and neurotransmitter and therefore has a variety of

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Man sitting next to the sea with his hands holding is head, how to deal with failure

3 Steps to Deal with Failures

The fear of being incapable is omnipresent in today’s society. Being not good enough, fast enough, strong enough is a feeling most people want to avoid at all cost. And who can blame them. Standardized tests, intelligent measurments, school systems with different levels of difficulty, society is promoting heavy categorisation of the population. Based on

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Bearded man sitting at work laughing, enjoying his occupation, while having a sticker attached to his forehead

Why you Need to pick an Occupation that you Love

52.3% of Americans are unsatisfied with their job. An unsurprising but sad truth. While some people chase their dreams to find a job that fullfills them, most have given up on this. The underlying emotion regarding an occupation is that it is merely means to an end. You need money to support yourself and your

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How to Cure Migraine Thumbnail

19 Practical Tips On How To Cure Migraine

Many people often suffer from severe headaches and migraines. If you are also suffering from throbbing pain, here are 19 natural methods that can help you quickly get rid of the headache.    Headache is a common affliction many people deal with on a daily basis. The symptoms of headache range from uncomfortable to almost

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Effective Altruism thumbnail

What Is Effective Altruism and Why Is It Important?

First, find out how you can do the most good. Second, do it! That’s how philosophy professor William McAskill sums up Effective Altruism. But that is easier said than done. What is meant by saying “most”? Effective altruists try to answer this question with cost-benefit calculations. By that, they aim to detect the most cost-effective

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Minimalism benefits thumbnail

15 Benefits Of Minimalism

Do you know the feeling that everyday life is sometimes crushing you? The laundry piled up, the sink does not look any better. In addition, we would have to do the filing again, which we have neglected in recent months. There are still 100 unread emails waiting for us, not to mention all the What’s

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