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Phenylpiracetam – The Strongest Racetam?

Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic agent that positively affects the mental ability and is considered a mild stimulant.

It was developed in Russia in the 1980s. Prior to 2006, it was largely unknown in Western countries, but it received worldwide attention when Olympian Olga Pyleva was disqualified following a positive doping test.

As the name suggests, it is a modification of piracetam, which has an additional phenyl group.

Allegedly, it is 20-60 times as strong (on a gram basis) as its parent substance.

In a study comparing the two substances, phenylpiracetam was considered more potent than piracetam in the following areas:

Neuroprotection, anti-amnesia, and stimulation.

Other names: Fonturacetam, (RS) -2- (4-phenyl-2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl) acetamide, phenotropil, carphedone.

reading with Phenylpiracetam

Overview Phenylpiracetam

  • Developed in Russia in 1983 for sporting and military purposes.
  • It is a piracetma derivative, to which the multiple effect of its parent substance is attributed.
  • It differs from the other Racetamen by its awakening effect.
    Dosage: 200mg – 600mg daily dose, divided into 2-3 single doses (100-200mg), also it should be taken with a food source (lipid solubility).
    Due to the awakening effect, it is not recommended to take it shortly before going to bed.
  • Over time, the body builds up a tolerance to the stimulant effect, which is why it should only be used sporadically (max 2-4 times a week, or in cycles).
  • As with all Racetams, the side effect is low. Mainly headache is reported. This is helped by the addition of a choline source.
  • It should not be used at bedtime, as it may cause sleep disturbances.

Dosage of Phenylpiracetam

The manufacturer recommends a dosage of 2-3x 100-200mg daily (so in total between 200mg and 600mg). Due to its lipid solubility, it is taken with a food source.

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A single dose of 250mg is considered a high dose and could cause side effects in some people.

The maximum dose is 750mg.

I recommend to use the powder in capsules – it tastes awful!

Phenylpiracetam is a stimulant that should only be used sporadically (= “if needed”). The body builds up a tolerance to the substance over time, and it loses its stimulative effect. It is best applied in cycles so that the body has enough time to return to a normal state.

Effect of Phenylpiracetam

The product supplement of Phenotropil says that it is rapidly absorbed by the body, and has a bioavailability (when taken orally) of almost 100%.

The manufacturer claims that the maximum concentration in the blood is reached about 1 hour after application.

The half-life is 3-5 hours.

The substance appears to be completely metabolized by the body and excreted structurally unchanged. It can be concluded that it is not transformed into any other substance (unlike Noopept), and the blood-brain barrier passes intact.

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

The Russian producers claim that Phenylpiracetam counteracts depression and anxiety, is helpful in the treatment of epilepsy, and cures conditions caused by insufficient brain oxygen.

Unfortunately, many of these theses are not available online or can only be found in Russian.

In Russia, it is marketed as a prescription substance for depression, apathy, low attention span, or memory problems.

It is also recommended as a “performance enhancer for astronauts“.

All this indicates that it can also be used in otherwise healthy people for mental performance enhancement.

Epilepsy & Stroke

In one study, participants were prescribed Phenylpiracetam along with AEDs (anti-epilepsy drugs) and AEDs without additional drugs. The authors came to the conclusion that the addition of Phenylpiracetam reduces the seizure frequency and positively influences the performance in the EEG.

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According to a study with 400 participants, phenylpiracetem promotes the recovery of stroke patients.

Memory disorders & fatigue

Here, most of the research was done only on people suffering from memory disorders caused by strokes or brain injuries.

Encephalopathy patients receiving a daily dose of 200mg have seen improvements in anxiety disorders, pain, and depression.

Other studies also noted improvements in memory and attention span.


In a series of rodent experiments, there were significant improvements in the retention rate of 195% and a reduced inactivity time in the swim test, suggesting an antidepressant effect.

Due to the structural similarity with the substance phenethylamine, whose molecular structure has stimulatory properties, it can be assumed that there is a connection to the adrenaline and dopamine receptors.

According to the developers of Phenotropil increases the following levels in the brain: blood flow, epinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. However, it has no influence or binding affinity with GABA.

In an American research paper (with rodents) there are indications of increased levels of acetylcholine and NMDA receptors, and a reduced concentration of serotonin and dopamine receptors.

writing with Phenylpiracetam


It is believed that the structural similarity with phenethylamine is responsible for the stimulatory effect. Probably the anticonvulsant and cognitive properties are attributable to the piracetam part of the molecular structure.

Although scientists are uncertain about the exact mechanism of action of piracetam, they believe that increased cell fluidity and glutamate regulation are responsible for the effect.

There are many reports from users pointing to the rapid formation of tolerance to the stimulating effect of phenylpiracetam.

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Also, scientific research indicates the down regulation of various receptors in the brain, which suggests an application in cycles (or sporadic use).

Safety & Side Effects

Like all Racetams, it is well tolerated by the human body; The risk of side effects is low – as long as it is consumed in reasonable amounts (see Intake & Tolerance).

Phenylpiracetam should not be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also for patients with liver or kidney damage, it is better to do without.

The usual side effects of stimulants also exist here, such as: feelings of anxiety, irritability, or palpitations.

Some users report headaches. These can occur in all Racetamen, if in the brain an acetylcholine deficiency prevails. As an antidote, you simply add a choline source to your stack.

In rodents, a lethal dose of 880mg / kg body weight was detected, indicating a high safety margin from the recommended dose.

According to the manufacturer, there are no documented tetralogic, mutagenic or carcinogenic effects.

At the moment, it is not listed as a finished medicinal product in Germany. Normally, drugs that are under the Medicines Act are only available on prescription at the pharmacy.

In some online store it is orderable; there it is sold for “research purposes” and is not intended for human consumption.

It is also on the doping list; To date, 16 doping athletes have been transferred to phenylpiracetam.

Conclusion: Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam is one of the , if not the strongest racetam. It comes with huge benefits, and after my expirience, the effect is great.

I tried many racetams before, but none of these were as effective as Phenylpiracetam. If you like nootropics and want to expiriment with your stack, Phenylpiracetam is for you.

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