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Benefits of Medical Mushrooms

If one deals more intensively with the topic “medicinal mushrooms”, one notices that the dusty image of the past belongs to the past. Medical Mushrooms can have great benefits

But what are the benefits of medical mushrooms?

For a long time, they have not only been used in naturopathy or medicine, but many organic choppers like Teemu Arina tinker also used medicinal mushrooms to boost their performance.

Whether mushroom coffee, teas or as supplements – medicinal mushrooms are used and prepared in all forms today. Learn all about the new Functional Food and which are the five most important mushrooms for even more efficiency and best benefits.

What are Medical Mushrooms?

Many may ask, where is the difference between medicinal mushrooms and edible mushrooms, such as mushrooms?

The first difference is that edible mushrooms rather sprout on moist soil and growing medicinal mushrooms more on trees or in their vicinity.

Therefore, medicinal mushrooms do not necessarily look like conventional mushrooms and cannot be eaten without further ado. Medicinal mushrooms are prepared by various methods, on the one hand, they can be boiled in hot water or subjected to a rich alcohol bath before they can finally be processed into powder and taken in drinks or supplements.

In addition, medicinal mushrooms have been used in medicine for many thousands of years because they are accorded very special therapeutic properties and benefits.

Reishi for Benefits of Medical Mushrooms

Medical mushrooms, as they are often called, have the following abilities: antioxidant and anti-viral potency, cholesterol-lowering properties, anti-inflammatory, and performance-enhancing effects – both mentally and physically.

For the increase in physical and mental performance, it is particularly interesting that medicinal mushrooms are among the so-called adaptogens. Adaptogens are plant species which can exert particularly positive effects, such as e.g. the reduction of stress, the improvement of sleep and the increase of the energy level.

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Overall, it can be said that adaptogens help the body adapt to stressful situations and cope with them.

Take-home message # 1: The vital mushroom differs from the edible mushroom in that it has adaptogenic properties and thus has a positive effect on the body and mind in many respects. Therefore, medicinal mushrooms have been used in medicine for thousands of years.

A plant for Benefits of Medical Mushrooms

Benefits of Medical Mushrooms

All these features have aroused the interest of many pharmaceutical companies who see the drug mushroom as a rich source of innovative biomedical products.

Thus, medicinal mushrooms are often used as ingredients in modern medicines. In a study by the UC Davis Medical Center, the researchers published an overview of all medical research on medicinal mushrooms.

And medicinal mushrooms are also used in a wide variety of industries as blowing agent and as fermentation agent.

Medicinal mushrooms also seem to have proven themselves as detergents, according to scientists from the Department of Microbiology at Kakatiya University in India and even as environmentally friendly pesticides, medicinal mushrooms are now used in agriculture.

But not only in medicine and in the industry the numerous benefits of medical mushrooms are used. Organic hackers have long since discovered medicinal mushrooms and are experimenting with recipes and formats on how best to use medicinal mushrooms so that they develop their full effect in the human body.

Of particular interest here is the fact that medicinal mushrooms can transfer their protective abilities against the environment, which they develop during their growth through different substances, to humans.

One of the most well-known organic hackers in this field is the Finn Teemu Arina, whose kitchen must be like a laboratory. He has been creating crazy Mushroom recipes for years and swears by it. For example, he adds well-tried Bulletproof recipes to Mushroom powder from the Chaga mushroom.

Also widely used in the scene and now also available on the market: Mushroom Coffee or Hot Chocolate with the vital mushroom Cordyceps sinensis, as a supplement or substitute for Bulletproof Coffee, or various teas, which are brewed with the Reishi mushroom.

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Of course, medicinal mushrooms can also be taken as supplements and naturally complement the daily diet. The important thing is that medicinal mushrooms have no negative side effects and are safe even with larger amounts of food.

Take-home message # 2: Vital mushrooms are no longer used only in medicine and industry. Vital mushrooms have become the functional food of the organic hacking scene and are taken here in coffee, in teas or as supplements.

another shroom for Benefits of Medical Mushrooms

5 Most Beneficial Medical Mushrooms

1. Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes)

The shiitake mushroom has strong, immune-enhancing abilities, as well as antiviral properties. He has an extremely high content of calcium, vitamin C and various B vitamins. These are especially important because they can naturally increase your ability to concentrate. How? The B vitamins are essential for your nerve cells. If you are well supplied with the vitamins, your nerve cells in the brain are also optimally supplied, which in turn has a positive effect on your ability to concentrate.

2. The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

The Reishi mushroom is full of polysaccharides and triterpenes. These two substances are due to the high efficacy of the fungus, which has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years and above all strengthens the immune system as a whole. The polysaccharides in this case fight viruses and the triterpenes have an anti-bacterial effect in the human body. The latter is also responsible for improving deep sleep by lowering cortisol levels. So the Reishi mushroom has a soothing and harmonizing effect on body and mind and can help you sleep better.

3. Cordyceps sinensis

The Chinese caterpillar fungus is very popular among athletes and competitive athletes, who see it as the top energy supplier. Cordyceps is a true powerhouse that improves physical performance. Many athletes take Cordyceps to improve their performance, with Cordyceps not being doping! Furthermore, the caterpillar fungus has antioxidant, or immune-regulating power and also supports the memory.

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Why it is like that? You can read this here in our article about the Cordyceps sinensis.

4. Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

The Chaga mushroom has been used for hundreds of years in Russian naturopathy. Originally because of its anti-inflammatory power. Meanwhile, the fungus stands out for other reasons. He is valued in the biohacking scene, especially for its strengthening effect on the immune system. In addition, it has an above-average number of antioxidants that protect your cells from the aggressive decay of free radicals. In this way, the fungus naturally ensures that your nerve cells are protected and well supplied in the brain.

5. butterfly pearling (Coriolus versicolor)

Butterfly pearling is currently being researched a lot. This is due to its excellent antiviral properties and it strengthens the immune system in a natural way. Interesting especially in winter, because the mushroom can be drunk well as tea and protects in the cold season from annoying infectious diseases, such as colds, etc. The butterfly Tramete also has a positive effect on the self-healing power of the body cells. So you support the natural power of your body!

Can you cook with medicinal mushrooms?

Many medicinal mushrooms are also excellent edible mushrooms. Shiitake, Maitake, Pleurotus or Agaricus blazei, and others are great for a variety of dishes and are true delicacies. You can use dried mushrooms in pieces or medicinal mushroom powder.

Can I store Medical Mushrooms?

Medicinal mushroom extracts and powders should always be hermetically sealed. Store the mushrooms in a dry, cool and shaded place, making sure they are out of the reach of small children. If stored correctly, the printed best before the date of opened packages will remain valid.

Conclusion: Benefits of Medical Mushrooms

Medical mushrooms are used for a variety of things today. Biohackers love experimenting with them, while they have been used for decades in traditional medicine.

The best part, they come with no actual side effects and mostly taste good.

My recommendation, try it yourself, you really can’t do anything wrong but don’t expect wonders.



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