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Ultimate Sunifiram Guide – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects and More

Sunifiram is closely related to Racetam in its chemical structure and shares many of its nootropic properties. It is advertised as 1000 times as strong as piracetam (gram-based), paying attention to a precise dosage, and it should not be taken combined with other nootropics.

But what are the benefits of Sunifiram?

It was developed just a few years ago (2000) and is intended to be a favorable alternative to Unifiram.

Unfortunately, there are only a few studies reporting on Sunifiram, but animal studies indicate that it significantly improves learning and thinking skills.

It is often compared to the better-studied racetam derivative Noopept, which has a similar effect.

Researchers report a potential use in the treatment of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and amnesia.

While there are still no official reports of serious side effects, there are several reports on the Internet, with users reporting significant side effects.

Pills for Sunifiram Benefits

However, it must be said that in these cases extremely high doses have been taken, or other substances besides sunifiram have been combined.

It is also referred to as Ampakine because it increases the activity of the AMPA receptors, which in turn stimulates glutamine production. Glutamine strengthens the connection between the synapses in the brain, allowing information to be passed on faster, increasing concentration, alertness and attention span.

According to some sources, it seems to amplify long-term potentiation, a neuronal phenomenon in which the connection between brain synapses improves in the long term.

In Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s therapies, long-term potentiation is an important component. In doing so, the patterns of behavior of the brain reform themselves, accelerating general thinking processes.

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Nootropics such as huperzine-A, uridine and sunifiram can be used to artificially stimulate this process.

Sunifiram Overview

  1. Structurally resembles the Racetam, but has a stronger effect.
  2. It was developed mainly as a cheap alternative to Unifiram.
  3. It aims to promote memory, learning, clear thinking, concentration, motivation, vision, and mood.
  4. Dosage: There are no meaningful studies, but it was decided that 5 – 10mg per day is optimal for most people.
  5. Sunifiram should not be overdosed or mixed with other nootropics.
    Long-term users report tolerance formation, which is why it should only be consumed sporadically or in cycles.
  6. It acts as an AMPA agonist and increases the production of glutamine, moreover releases acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex.
  7. Although no side effects have been identified through research, Sunifiram can cause serious side effects such as drowsiness, insomnia, and headache when overdosed.

Sunifiram Benefits

Sunifiram and Memory

Memory is one of the areas where Sunifiram performs very well according to research and clinical trials. Some individuals will notice this performance most in terms of their short term memory or working memory capacity.

Other Sunifiram experience protocols describe other benefits with regard to long-term memory recall, being able to remember past events that previously seemed forgotten.

Sunifiram and Mood

Sunifiram has anxiolytic benefits which means that it can reduce the feeling of anxiety. Some users say that it makes them feel relaxed, gives them a sense of well-being and induces “sunny” feelings.

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Other people have experienced a stronger euphoric feeling when using Sunifiram, especially when stacked with Aniracetam or Noopept.

Sunifiram and Perception

Sunifiram is widely documented to influence perception, making colors appear brighter and sound more pronounced. A lot of Sunifiram experiences involve greater perceptual awareness of your external environment and small details at higher notice.

One of the most interesting results is the effect that taking Sunifiram can have when listening to music. Several people report that it makes the music sound more intense and creates a stronger emotional response.

Ultimate Sunifiram Benefits example

Sunifiram and Sex drive

Many users report an aphrodisiac effect when taking Sunifiram. This increased sex drive falls in both men and women. While the direct mode of action of Sunifiram on libido is not fully known, there are some theories that increase this nootropic blood flow to the penis, vagina and another pleasure center.

Sunifiram can also improve the quality of your sex life by increasing your perception of touch, increasing endurance and causing more dopamine and serotonin to be released in the brain.

Dosage & intake

It is not easy to recommend an optimal dose because only a few studies talk about the dosage of Sunifiram.

Compared to other Racetams, Sunifiram is dosed much lower.

10mg is a great dosage to start with.

In rats and mice, the best results were obtained at a daily dose of 1 mg per kg of body weight; in humans, this is approximately 0.08mg – 0.16mg / kg. So a 68kg person should take in between 5.4mg to 11mg Sunifiram per day.

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Users report a stimulatory effect that is noticeable from a dose above 10mg.

As with all nootropics, one should start with a small dose and slowly increase as the body responds.

Some experience reports speak of a tolerance formation, which suggests that Sunifiram should be taken in cycles.

The optimal daily dosage is probably between 5 and 10mg. A stimulating effect is reached only above 10mg.

Side Effects

In a study that found the efficacy of sunifiram (0.001 mg/kg smallest effective dose), no side effects were seen with an injected dose (rodents) of 1 mg/kg.

Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies, based on the experience of other users. Generally, Sunifiram is considered safe at a reasonable dosage, but it should not be overdosed and should not be taken in combination with other nootropics.

Since some users report tolerance education, it is recommended to use them in cycles.

Conclusion: Ultimate Sunifiram Guide

Sunifiram certainly has interesting properties and can be beneficial for many people. Still, research is lacking but based on user experience, sunifiram can enhance memory, sex drive as well as mood.

However, user experiences are not reliable so no actual health claims can be made. If you like experimenting with nootropics, give sunifiram a try. But it is surely none of the must-haves.

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