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Green Coffee Benefits

Everyone knows conventional coffee. It is brown, has a characteristic scent and most people have one daily.

Green coffee has also been on the market for some time now. But does green coffee have benefits? And what are those green coffee benefits?

What is Green Coffee?

The special thing about green coffee extract is its production method. It’s made from unroasted coffee beans – that’s the difference to the coffee we know.

The beans are not roasted and therefore contain other active ingredients and combinations of vital substances than roasted coffee. As almost everyone knows, coffee can affect mental performance.

Fresh beans for Green Coffee Benefits

A cup of caffeinated coffee is quite stimulating and awakens the mind. The consumer feels fresher and more alert. The extract of green coffee makes this effect even stronger.

Thus, green coffee benefits thinking power. The active ingredients contained in the green coffee benefits the ability to concentrate. The same green coffee benefits apply to attention and mental performance.

Green Coffee Benefits

Green Coffee contains high-quality phytochemicals that benefit the entire metabolism and accelerate its function.

When trying to lose weight, the intake of green coffee extract may well be beneficial. It lowers appetite and can boost metabolism.

In addition, Green Coffee Extract is said to block the fat storage of new fat reserves and can break down even existing fat.

In addition, the antioxidants contained in green coffee extract provide all-round protection against free radicals and can thus protect against the death of nerve cells (neurodegeneration).

It is also possible that other cells are protected and strengthened by taking Green Coffee Extract.

Green coffee has become known for its weight-reducing effect. This is essentially attributed to chlorogenic acid. The unroasted green coffee beans, unlike the roast, contain chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acids are among the antioxidants that influence many different processes in the body.

Antioxidants can capture free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen compounds in the body that cause cell damage when they occur in excess. Their numbers are potentiated by stress, ultraviolet light and environmental toxins.

The cell damage is manifested by visible aging of the skin, but also in the form of diseases. Chlorogenic acid also counteracts these negative effects. Stress relief is another great benefit of green coffee extract. The body’s immune system is also supported by antioxidants.

Sugar and Mental Performance

With regard to the weight-reducing effect, the chlorogenic acid reacts in several steps. It inhibits the uptake of glucose in the intestine, inhibits the enzyme amylase whereby the starch in the diet is not broken down into glucose and inhibits the enzyme glucose 6-phosphatase, which degrades the glycogen stores.

These effects keep blood sugar levels low and store less fat. The benefits of green coffee are therefore essentially attributable to chlorogenic acid.

Nevertheless, some warnings are to be considered: Green coffee extract is generally not suitable and beneficial for pregnant or lactating women.

Also, green coffee should never be taken by children. Anyone who is allergic to coffee or has already noticed overreactions to caffeine itself should also refrain from it. People who are currently undergoing medical treatment should ask their doctor if they have any concerns before taking it.

Green Coffee Benefits from drinking

6 Most Important Green Coffee Benefits

Fastens Weight Loss: The rapid weight loss is due to the intake of green coffee bean based products due to the high chlorogenic acid content that prevents fat storage after ingestion.

Weight Control: The chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee has a positive effect on the metabolism of humans and can thus help sustainably in the long-term weight control.

Reduction of Abdominal Fat: The high content of chlorogenic acid has a positive effect on the reduction of abdominal fat. The reason: It starts right at the point where sugar and fats would become belly fat. The storage of fat is minimized. In the long term, the fat content is reduced.

Reducing the Risk of Diabetes: Consuming unroasted green coffee beans reduces the risk of developing diabetes and there is even a simple explanation for this. Green coffee is not roasted and thus does not lose important substances such as chlorogenic acid. The blood sugar level drops. The diabetes risk is also falling.

Improving Mental Performance: Because of its caffeine content and refreshing effect, green coffee benefits mental performance.

Green coffee has a Stimulating Effect on the Metabolism: Green coffee extract works in the body according to a very specific scheme. The chlorogenic acid prevents the absorption of sugar in the body, the glucose intake decreases, the blood sugar level remains low – even though fat burning and the metabolism is increased.

Active Ingredients for Green Coffee Benefits

Chlorogenic acid is not the only ingredient with far-reaching benefits. These ingredients can also be found in green coffee beans:

The alkaloid caffeine is the most commonly consumed active substance in the world. However, the share in green coffee is still comparatively low. The caffeine content accounts for about one percent of the ingredients.

Piperine Benefits for the Brain and Health

Trigonelline is also an alkaloid and can be found in green coffee beans in a similarly manageable concentration, but has major benefits for the human body as it produces vitamin B3.

An extensive mixture of amino acids can be found in the chemical review of the ingredients of green coffee beans. The 18 different amino acids have been proven to affect metabolic processes in the human body and contribute to the storage of nutrients.

Tryglycerides account for 79 percent of mammalian lipids. They act as fat stores and energy suppliers. Lipid tocopherols are only marginally detectable but have a positive effect on high cholesterol levels.

colored Green Coffee beans for best Benefits

Research on Green Coffee Benefits

Research of green coffee benefits shows that green coffee extract is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

But where is the catch? In fact, there is no reason why you should not consume the green coffee.

Even the traditional coffee made from roasted beans has been rehabilitated in recent years. It has many positive attributes, as nutritionists found out. And green coffee is increasingly drunk in the brewed version.

Caffeine can also have negative impacts because it can lead to insomnia and nervousness. The caffeine content is significantly lower in green coffee than in the roasted version.

In the tablets from the extract, however, so little caffeine is included that it has no negative effects.

Studies on Green Coffee’s Weight Loss Benefits

In Pennsylvania, Joe Vinson and his colleagues at the University of Scranton have divided 16 slightly overweight subjects into three groups. These three groups were given tablets:

The first group received a high dose of green coffee extract,

the second a low dose and the third placebos, which had no effect at all.

For six weeks, the subjects each took the same preparation, followed by a break of two weeks. After this period, the drug was changed.

With the same eating and exercise habits that the study leaders monitored, the subjects had lost on average eight kilograms after five and a half months.

Their body fat percentage had decreased significantly and their BMI had dropped by around three points. Since the subjects at the beginning of the study all had a BMI between 25 and 30, i.e. slightly overweight, most were now a normal weight.

They all lost most of their weight during the phase when they received the high dose of green coffee bean extract.

Alpha-GPC against Brain Fog and More

Even a comparable experiment has had a positive effect: One hundred female test subjects, who were watching a TV show, were given the extract of green coffee for two weeks. They lost an average of one kilogram.

Side Effects of Green Coffee

Green things are currently trendy. Green smoothies, green tea, and even the green coffee is gaining more and more fans. But what about the side effects?

In green coffee chlorogenic acid is present in quite high concentration. Unfortunately, this acid is not easily tolerated by everyone. Chlorogenic acid can irritate the stomach as well as the intestine and cause nausea in some persons.

When you consume green coffee and green coffee extract capsules, you should not exceed the recommended daily dosage. These can be found in the packs or leaflets. Pregnant women should not consume green coffee during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Even people who suffer from blood clotting problems and high blood pressure should take green coffee only in consultation with their doctor.

The Right Dosage

As a recommendation, there are guidelines that show you which dosage is recommended. Currently, this is at 200 to 300mg of chlorogenic acid before or at each meal.

If you buy a preparation in the form of tablets or capsules, then the quantity per unit is on the packaging. For one day, you should consume around 1200 mg of chlorogenic acid.

Less is not effective in most cases, more is not always well tolerated. If Green Coffee is brewed, then one cup is recommended just before or during meals.

In case of irritated stomach or intestine also directly after meals.

Conclusion: Green Coffee Benefits

In particular, people who eat a well-balanced diet and exercise lightly to get or stay fit benefit from the benefits of the green coffee.

The tablets are not an ominous wonder drug designed to help you with everything: it’s a natural compound that gives you more energy, boosts fat burning, and boosts your metabolism.

Therefore, it supports a balanced lifestyle and ensures even with moderate exercise a healthy weight loss.

There are no side effects such as in appetite suppressants.

Nutritionists also support the intake of the green coffee extract, as it is not only harmless to health, but also helps to reduce obesity – an important step, because obesity can include diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, gall bladder, and respiratory diseases, cause cancer and reduce fertility.



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