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Auto-Suggestion – How to Use It

Many people want to step up their game in multiple ways at once. They want to be more successful and healthy.

Asking for more confidence, motivation, and energy.

But these things are hard to achieve. They take immense willpower, discipline, and mental fortitude.


A man standing in front of a blue feeling happy

What if there is a technique that allows you to achieve all these goals simultaneously?

What if it does not take sweat and tears to become more healthy and successful, but only a small habit and a little bit of time?

What is Auto-Suggestion?

Before we dive deep on how to use Auto-Suggestion to your advantage. let’s make sure to understand it.

First and foremost, your subconsciousness mind will not simply print money for you on demand. It cannot grow muscles and make you healthy overnight either. Basically, it will not make your dreams come true using magic tricks.

Auto-Suggestion describes how your own beliefs, thoughts, and the things you say, influence your behaviour and state of mind.

As you might imagine, this opens the door not only for positive but also a negative impact on your life.

To make sure the former is the case rather than the latter, you can use affirmations.

Affirmations are positively formulated sentences that you want to ingrain in your brain to the best of your ability.

When you hear something often enough, your brain starts to accept it as reality. Influencing ideas and behaviours accordingly.

This results in you, your behaviours and thought patterns naturally adapting in ways that help you to reach what you desire.

Now, don’t get all excited about achieving all your dreams by simply speaking them out like a spell just yet.

While Auto-Suggestion can definitely bring you closer to your dream job or body, it will not get you there all by itself.

You still have to take on the possibilities it offers you, and you still have to put in the work.

Still, practising Auto-Suggestion on a regular basis can make sure you realize your full potential.

Moreover, it equips you to live up to the opportunities that surround you, which you might miss otherwise.

2. What to say and how to say it

Now that you are introduced to what Auto-Suggestion is and what potential effects it can have on your life, you probably want to know what exactly you should say when exercising it.

2.1 What to say

For Auto-Suggestion to properly work, you need to adhere to some rules regarding the content.

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To start off, it is important to use the present tense. This way it is easier for your brain to accept the spoken word as reality. While it is possible to formulate in the future tense as well, I would not recommend it.

Furthermore, you should not use negations. Negations have a negative impact on how the sentences are received. Try to highlight what you want to achieve and can do. Not what you cannot do and should avoid.

Continuing, the content needs to be positive and motivating. Don’t allow any negativity when reprogramming your brain. And dream big!

Additionally, try to integrate as many details as possible. Enrichening your motivation and providing a clear path on what needs to be done in order to to get where you want to.

As these are very general rules, it might be hard to imagine a perfect affirmation for now. Don’t worry though, examples follow in a bit.

Furthermore, it is important not to switch up your affirmations too often. While it can be good to find some variance in the way you express them, the general content should stay the same.

Also, don’t be shy to have multiple affirmations at the same time. The only downside is that the daily repetition takes a little bit longer.

2.2 How to say it

While the content of your affirmations is very important, the way you practice them is equally so.

If you end up mumbling the affirmations every now and then and feel stupid doing so, it won’t benefit you much.

In order to achieve the best possible effect, you have to put in the emotion.

To help you believe in it, try to think of Auto-Suggestion like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Once you start believing it, your brain will not be able to understand the difference between what’s reality and what’s made up.

Anyhow, it is reasonable that you might feel silly and awkward when talking to yourself. Especially in the beginning.

Don’t let it distract yourself though. Make sure you get as comfortable as you can get. Once it has become a habit, it will not only not feel stupid to do it.

In fact, there is a big chance it turns out that you actually like it, motivating and calming your mind at the same time.

To add to that, the most important part for you is to be comfortable and to really try.

To achieve this, you can use a variety of tools at your disposal.

You can:

  • close your eyes while speaking out loud
  • write your affirmations down (helps with remembering them, too)
  • repeat them in your head only (not as effective, but takes away the silliness)
  • record yourself and listen to it later
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These are some examples. However, if you have a similar method in mind that fulfils the same purpose, go for it!

Again, it’s all about you being confident and comfortable when practising Auto-Suggestion. You have to feel it!

3. How to promote success

Man sitting in a city-office. Looking at a laptop

By now, you know what sentences you should say and how you should exercise Auto-Suggestion. Let’s see how you can build upon this fundament.

3.1 Frequency

How often should you exercise it to be effective?

What frequency should you aim for?

Generally speaking, more is better.

If you find time to do it 10 times during the day, go for it.

It will speed up your progress and reduce the time you need to see the first results of your new found power.

Because doing it this much is not realistic for most people, aim to do it at least one time every day.

The easiest way to make sure to stick to it and keep on doing it every single day is by creating a habit of it.

Doing it every morning after waking up or every evening before going to sleep is an easy way to make sure you don’t stumble into awkward situations when exercising it.

Additionally, I recommend not only doing it during the morning or the evening but rather at both times.

This way you make sure to get in two sessions a day, improving the effectiveness and speed of progression.

Another key component is not only saying your affirmations once. Repeat them multiple times for 5-10 minutes. And concentrate on nothing else during this time.

At these times, you are all by yourself or accompanied by someone you can wholeheartedly trust. Hopefully.

This is important for Auto-Suggestion since feeling comfortable while doing it is key to its effectiveness.

3.3 Gestures

In order to make sure you have successful sessions and to promote the effectiveness, you can add gestures to your daily Auto-Suggestion routine.

Your brain will tie these gestures to the words you speak, making them even more powerful and increasing their impact.

To achieve this, you need to stick to the same gestures and repeat them every time you speak out your affirmations.

Even though what gesture you do is not important, it should be something you like, so that you have an easy time to connect a certain meaning or emotion to it.

If you struggle to come up with possible gestures, here are some examples:

  • making a fist with both hands
  • hit your chest with your hand
  • stretch both arms as high in the air as you can
  • rais your head and open up your arms as wide as you can
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Things to avoid

While Auto-Suggestions seems like an easy way to improve your life significantly (and it can be), ready to be used by anyone. It is not quite as simple as it looks at first.

To begin, make sure you do it often enough. The minimum frequency is once per day, but doing it more often is recommended, as already mentioned.

The importance of this is very high. It can make or break the success you experience.

Also, you really have to want it. You might think this is a no-brainer. It really is not.

Sure, a lot of people would like to be in a better position, financially or health-wise.

But still, are they willing to put in the work and dedication? Are they willing to give something like Auto-Suggestion a serious try?

You might get laughed at by your partner, you might feel very stupid and insecure doing it at first.

It can only help you if you are willing to accept its help.

Closely related, make sure to use emotions while performing the Auto-Suggestion.

For more information: https://stevenwebb.com/why-auto-suggestion-and-affirmations-do-not-work/


Finally arriving at one of the most interesting parts of the article, here I will provide some examples of good affirmations to use.

Remember to change them according to your goals, desires and personal situation.

  • I am a valuable human being
  • I deserve to be treated with respect
  • I am overall confident in my abilities
  • I can conquer every situation
  • I am feeling better and healthier every single day
  • I am a magnet for money
  • I am rich and will continue to get richer
  • True love is waiting for me right around the corner
  • I have a happy and lasting relationship

Closing thoughts

After reading this article, I hope you gained an appreciation for the potential power of Auto-Suggestion.

It can be an easy tool to open yourself up to new possibilities and get the most out of life.

Moreover, it can be used by anyone without much effort.

While patience is required and you should not try to rush things, if you just keep on believing in its strength and continue to practice it, results will follow.

Make sure to repeat it as much and often as possible. And don’t repeat the affirmations once, but keep on repeating them for 5-10 minutes.

Make a habit of it. Support it with gestures. Give it your all.

Above all, feel confident and put in emotions.

Thanks for reading this article, I hoped you liked it and that it opened the world of Auto-Suggestion for you.

See you around!



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