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How to Improve Mental Fitness

There are many ways you can stay mentally fit. But before you begin, always remember that it is impossible to apply the same principles to everything and everyone.

Methods to stay mentally fit are therefore not a miracle cure that prevents you from forgetting something again.

Yoga to Improve Mental Fitness

Many of us would do anything to stay mentally fit. With a little effort, you can stay mentally fit and make life more positive and with a better mental state.

If you stay mentally fit, you manage to handle situations better and see life as a kind of adventure. Those who are mentally fit, make wiser decisions and will get further in their lives.

Mental Fitness Explained

Everyone wants to grow old, but stay as healthy as possible.

While we can only keep our bodies in shape to a certain limit and that the signs of aging can only be conditionally, but not completely reduced, mental fitness can be exercised until the last day of life.

Genetic issues, accidents or Alzheimer’s and other illnesses can throw us back, but on the other hand, with so many mentally-active older people, there are no excuses for not always striving for mental fitness.

For example, Johannes Heesters made it to 107 years, still being mentally fit. However, as with almost everything, you have to become active yourself, regularly. Do it like Jopi and train your brain daily.

9 Tips to Improve Mental Fitness

While it used to be believed that with increasing age, the performance of brain cells decreases and untrained cells die off forever, today we know that the brain at any age can create new connections.

It may not be as easy as during teenage years, but the sooner you start practicing, the easier it will be. Even as an adult and as an older person, you can still do a lot and make up for it.

Eating healthy and exercising is a big part of being mentally fit. This is beyond question.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” – “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

This realization is almost two thousand years old, it comes from the Roman poet Juvenal. In his satires, he took the athletes on the grain, which in his opinion, although they had muscles, but had little mental fitness.

Benefits of Waking Up Early - 5 Ways to Capitalize On It

There is scientific evidence that movement is of paramount importance to the mind. Even the daily walk refreshes body and mind. So don’t be lazy, do some sports.

What you start with to improve your mental fitness, is totally up to you. Here are some options that can be expanded as desired.

1. The more you do, the easier the more challenging projects will be and the more fun you will have. Do not limit your thinking, but give it unlimited space.

2. Read regularly. This does not have to be books with 500 pages at first, no classics if you find this material too heavy. Start with short stories, nonfiction or comics. Everything is allowed.

3. The television makes some stupid, others smarter. Use the power of the media to see good films, documentaries, cultural programs, and panel discussions.

4. Memorize poems and write diaries or longer letters to loved ones.

5. Relax in the almost meditative activity of puzzles or handicrafts and hobbies. You do not have to meditate consciously if you do not like that. Sophisticated cooking recipes, a complicated craft work fulfill the same purpose, they require your concentration.

6. Sing songs on the radio, learn the lyrics by heart. If you can, make music yourself or play theater.

7. Book a course of your choice, visit theaters and museums. The selection is so large that you will surely find an interesting topic.

8. Meet other people of all ages. Dealing with children and adolescents is wonderful training for mental fitness. Organize parties or participate in the work in your community.

9. Have no fear of contact and keep learning something new. This is the best condition for mental fitness.

Jogging to Improve Mental Fitness

Why should you Improve Mental Fitness?

If you have managed to increase your mental fitness this can help you in many ways. You will see how you go through life more confidently and tackle problems in a new way.

It is quite possible that you forget something or have a memory gap. Everyone knows that situation where you no longer know where the keys are, how the counterpart was called again or when the appointment was.

But unlike many people believe, such blackouts affect everyone, not just the elderly.

Performance Food For Your Well-Being

The Overloaded Brain

To stay mentally fit, it’s important to understand what upsets mental fitness. Mostly it is an overloaded brain that is responsible for memory lapses.

Also, stress is one of the reasons why the brain suddenly does not want more than you do yourself. So it is necessary to understand the reasons for a mental breakdown so that you can increase your mental fitness.

As studies on mental fitness show, the more the person trains their mental abilities, the stronger the brain power of a person.

The “National Institute of Aging” has proven through tests that memory diminishes from the age of 70 years.

The study also found that brain activity plays an important role in increasing mental fitness. Some of the most effective mental fitness activities include:

  1. Card and party games
  2. Write a diary
  3. Working with your hands (sewing, crafting, etc.)
  4. Dance
  5. Making music

In addition, it is important to constantly evolve as a person and observe some rules of life.

Build self-confidence

To increase mental fitness, a person should know his or her strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to build self-confidence. With mental strength, mental fitness also subconsciously grows.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

By having a good relationship with their friends and family, many people find it easy to increase their mental fitness because it is much easier for them to get in touch with each other.

Avoid Financial Problems

An important prerequisite for increasing mental fitness is to remain free of financial worries. The irresponsible use of money can lead to financial stress, the head is no longer free for other things and the performance drops.

Eat Healthily

Make sure your brain gets the right nutrients to increase mental fitness. To be on the safe side, you can use supplements with herbal extracts. If you take these supplements over a longer period of time, you have created the conditions for an increase in mental fitness.

Use your Talents to stay Mentally Fit

Every person is talented in a way. If you want to stay mentally fit, you should be aware of what your talents are. Once you have recognized them, you can focus on them and use them to stay mentally fit.

For example, if you have a passion for languages, you could learn a language and stay mentally fit in that way.

Daily Exercise

Although that sounds like a cliché, regular exercise works wonders to keep you mentally fit. Training reduces stress and helps you with your thought processes.

Learn to relieve tension so that you can go through life with a healthier mindset and your brain can work more effectively. Certain breathing exercises or yoga have proven to be very effective.

Write poetry keeps you mentally fit

Are you perhaps a true author? If so, it is relatively easy to stay mentally fit! Writing poetry helps to express inner thoughts. This type of relaxation works wonders when it comes to staying mentally fit. Sewing or musical activities also help you stay mentally fit.

Learning is an Eternal Process

Although many people do not believe it, you can remain mentally fit until old age. That’s because learning is an eternal process. Younger and older people can always learn new things while remaining mentally fit.

Pay Attention to your Mental State

Staying mentally fit also means that you have to take care of yourself. You only get the right attitude in life if you think positively and have happy thoughts. This attitude will help you stay mentally fit.

Learn to Appreciate Life

Study the meaning of life. This not only helps you stay mentally fit but also helps you get to know yourself better. This will make you think and improve mental fitness.

Use your Common Sense

Nothing beats common sense. The more someone uses his mind, the easier it is to stay mentally fit. Those who do not use their minds will not learn new things and thereby neglect their brains.

In everyday life, decisions should be made rationally, not just emotionally, by weighing the pros and cons.


Eat healthy and balanced. Make sure that your body gets the right nutrients to stay mentally fit. The older you get, the worse it gets. the intake of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 and certain other nutrients, however, are essential to staying mentally fit and should always be taken in sufficient quantities to stay mentally fully empowered.

Conclusion: Improve Mental Fitness

All in all, there are many ways to improve your mental fitness. Go through the list and find things that you fancy doing.

Always remember, mental fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t try to change your whole life from one day to another. Take it slow and implement one change at a time.

This way you prevent feeling stressed and get the most out of it.



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