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Lion’s Mane Benefits – Complete Guide

Healthy mushrooms like Reishi, Cordyceps Sinensis and Chaga are very popular in the biohacker scene.

They contain a lot of minerals and trace elements, which, thanks to their antioxidant and performance-enhancing benefits, make the medicinal mushroom a miracle cure for those who want to sleep better at night and want to be even more efficient during the day.

Lion's Mane Benefits example

But what is the benefit of the mushroom known as the lion’s mane, which is also a mushroom?

Does lion’s mane have similar benefits? And where can you buy lion’s mane? We will show you all of lion’s mane’s benefits and more within the article.

What is Lion’s Mane?

If you visit the supermarket of your choice in Germany, you won’t find lion’s mane anywhere.

It is indeed edible but still belongs to the exotics, because it does not grow in the western climate. The tree fungus prefers deciduous forests, in which a high humidity prevails.

Visually, lion’s mane as a lot to offer. It grows in a kind of ball, which weighs up to one kilogram and has with numerous spikes all over.

As these become longer, they develop into strings hanging from the ground. It is hardly surprising, therefore, under which term he is familiar in France: Pom-Pom blanc, meaning translated “white pompom”.

And indeed, the bulbous growth reminds of the cheers of cheerleaders. The Chinese associate when looking at the lion’s mane, however, quite different things namely a monkey head, which is why the name Yamabushitake (monkey mushroom) is just as common.

Take-Home Message # 1: The lion’s mane has many names, thanks to its impressive appearance. It grows best at high humidity and has many benefits.

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Lion’s Mane Benefits

Like other medicinal mushrooms, lion’s mane contains a lot of minerals and trace elements, including iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus.

They ensure that you are well supplied with oxygen and your immune system is strengthened. Because only the contained trace elements make the Hericium Erinaceus a true all-rounder.

Here are a few more of Lion’s Mane’s benefits:

Fresh Lion's Mane for best Benefits

Scientists have been able to show that lion’s mane benefits mental performance in the elderly with mild cognitive impairment.

Over four months, the subjects had taken three tablets a day, each with four tablets of 250 mg lion’s mane extract. Underlying this is the positive effect of the contained substances hericenone and erinacin on the formation and release of a protein called beta-NGF, also called nerve growth factor.

It is capable of supporting nerve cells in their formation of ramifications to other nerve cells so that you can retrieve your complete mental potential. Both ingredients additionally benefit brain regeneration.

Researchers found in animal studies that lion’s mane can benefit the protection against the deterioration of spatial short-term and visual memory.

In order to be able to make a general, health-related statement, however, many more clinical studies are needed in this context!

However, it is already known that lion’s mane has many benefits and is a true mental booster because of its positive merits and therefore also belongs to the nootropics.

But that’s not enough with the clinical studies: Even anxiety and depression can probably be reduced by a four-week intake of the edible mushroom extract. Another great Lion’s mane benefit.

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Unfortunately, it does not affect the quality of sleep. Again, applies: For a general health-related statement on this subject, it requires more clinical investigations!

But: give everything throughout the day, hoses in the long run and challenges the body a lot. If you want to give 100 percent permanently, you will not be able to get away from a good night’s sleep.

We sleep well thanks to the natural sleep hormone melatonin that your body can form itself. If you sit too long in front of a laptop or mobile phone, you are confronted with too much blue, artificial light that inhibits melatonin production.

In that case, taking sleep supplements containing melatonin can be a good idea.

Not only important minerals and trace elements are contained in the vital mushroom. He also has a good amino acid balance.

In fact, almost all of these essential, ie, not self-producible protein components are found in lion’s mane. They all keep your body running.

Phenylalanine, for example, is needed by the body to subsequently transform it – via various intermediates – into the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is also familiar to most as a happiness hormone.

Did you know that not only does it help you to feel better, it also makes a significant contribution to processing information?

If there is a dopamine deficiency, there may be difficulty concentrating, which may hinder you from achieving your goals. Even lysine cannot be produced by your body on its own.

How valuable it is, is shown in the interaction with calcium. The essential amino acid helps to store valuable minerals in bones and teeth to make them even more stable.

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Take Home Message # 2: Like other medicinal mushrooms, lion’s mane contains a lot of beneficial minerals and trace elements, including iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and phosphorus. Lion’s mane has great benefits, including, for example, the antioxidant effect and the strengthening of your immune system.

Where to Buy Lion’s Mane?

You can buy lion’s mane online, mostly dried and pressed as a powder or in a capsule.

But these can be bad quality and not give you the lion’s mane benefits.

Lion’s mane is best produced according to the specifications of organic farming without the use of genetic engineering measures. This means, inter alia, that no chemical-synthetic plant agents were used to produce the extract.

Those who prefer not to swallow capsules, but prefer to train their gardening skills and prove themselves as a true mushroom breeder, can also fall back on ready-made cultures.

In this case, a bit of patience and leisure is required because lion’s mane is quite maintenance-intensive and best thrives in a greenhouse.

Lion’s mane grows best if you water it daily and care well while monitoring humidity and temperature. If after a few weeks a sufficiently large body has formed, you can harvest it and then fry it like a with oil in a pan.

Conclusion: Lion’s Mane Benefits

Lion’s mane is another popular biohacker mushroom. Even though there is only little scientific research on it, there are some promising results.

I’d recommend you give lion’s mane a try and see if it has any benefits for you.



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