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Hi, we are the Emerging Athletes. We believe the key to a happy and successful life depends on mastering four underlying pillars:
Fitness, Productivity, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. Emerging Athlete is here to help You with just that.
Step by step you get better and better. Keep improving and trust the process.

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A strong body builds the basis of an Emerging Athlete. We are always in shape and ready to perform.

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Time efficiency and the right habits facilitate a happy and successful life.

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High Performance in any area can only be achieved through inner peace and harmony.

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Food is our fuel.
The right nutrition builds a foundation for a strong body and a happy life.

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Man showing his back for the optimal traps volume

The Optimal Traps Volume – Hypertrophy Guide

You want to have big and massive traps? But what exercises do you choose from? How often and intense should you train to get the most out of your trap workout? If these questions sound somewhat familiar, then this article about the optimal traps volume is what you’re looking for! Big traps are associated with

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NorCal Margarita for fitness performers

NorCal Margarita Recipe – The Fitness-Friendly Drink?

NorCal Margarita enjoys cult status in the Northern California CrossFit and Paleo scene. Over here, it’s still a real insider and not widely spread by now. Particularly flashy in the light of this cocktail stands out its fitness compatibility. Those who love cocktails but do not want to slow down their progress will find the

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Man being highly motivated

Lack of Motivation – 7 Tips How to Overcome it

We all probably know these situations when something isn’t going as we would like it to go. At such moments, it is even harder for most people to catch up. Maybe something has just happened that pulls you down and you’re not getting anywhere right now. You want to overcome your lack of motivation but

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Do athletes sweat more thumbnail

Do Athletes Sweat More? (Backed by Science)

Our body is a sophisticated construct with innumerable protective mechanisms. Sweating is one of them. Our body has two to four million sweat glands. The highest density of glands is found on the feet, the lowest in lower legs. Overall, the sweat glands produce between 0.5 to 1 liter of sweat daily. During physical activity,

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Nutrigenomics – Complete Guide 2019

Why do you feel that you need significantly more vitamin C than other people? The underlying answer: we all have different genes. Therefore, not every person can metabolize all foods equally. What may increase the performance of one person, can cause another discomfort. Here you can get all the information about what Nutrigenomics is. Also,

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The Antioxidant Astaxanthin for Athletes thumbnail

Astaxanthin for Higher Testosterone

Various claims and reports on experiences with astaxanthin and its effects on testosterone levels and libido are circulating on the internet. I believe that there is a considerable need for information here. Therefore, today we take a look at two studies related to hormone balance and interpret them. In addition, we refresh your know-how on

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