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The Effect of Colors on the Brain

The assertion “men see with the eyes” is basically not true or only partly true, because, in order to perceive our environment, we need our brain as well as our organ of vision.

Only in the brain is the world processed as we see it – and only in the brain is color recognized and assigned.

Colored pens that influence the brain

Our brain loads colors with meanings – something that designers and artists, for example, also take into account in their work.

RIPT Apparel has captured the different effects of colors on our brains in a vivid infographic that we would like to introduce to you here.

Yellow stands for optimism, enlightenment, and happiness

With the color “yellow” we combine optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Yellow gives us power and promises a positive future.

In our brain, the color “yellow” promotes mental processes as well as the nervous system, the memory is activated and communicative processes are stimulated.

Green stands for nature, harmony, and renewal

Green is next to blue one of the most popular colors and is omnipresent due to its occurrence in nature. That’s why we associate nature with green and the color has a calming effect on us.

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Green stimulates us to relax mentally and physically and helps against anxiety, depression nervousness.

Blue stands for reliability, trust, and sense of duty

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea – two constants in our lives that we trust. That is why blue has a calming effect on our mind, which also affects the body.

Purple stands for creativity and eccentricity

Purple is the balance of red and blue – paired with a little mysticism. Purple boosts creativity calms the nerves and has a penchant for spirituality.

The Effect of Colors on the Brain example

Pink stands for youthfulness, fun, and excitement

Pink is full of energy and can even trigger high blood pressure, as well as increasing our breathing, heart rate, and heartbeat.

Red stands for energy, attention, and urgency

Red triggers an alarm in us – usually red is used to catch attention very quickly. Red also increases our enthusiasm and can protect us from fears.

Orange stands for community, social life, and activities

There are hardly any other colors that separate spirits as much as orange. Either you love them or you hate them – there is not much in between.

Orange has an appetizing effect and promotes socialization.

White stands for clarity, neutrality, and purity

Although black and white are basically not colors, they are listed in the infographic. Because of course, white also has an effect on our brain: white helps us to think more clearly, it motivates us to accept new challenges or to take a new start.

Gray stands for intellect, knowledge, and wisdom

In fact, gray is a very neutral color, which is why it is often used as a background color. In the psychology of colors, gray also stands for dignity and authority, and in our brains, gray creates a certain expectation.

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Black stands for power and authority

Black can lure strong feelings out of us, black is mysterious and holds the potential for possibilities. In addition, black makes us look and cultivated, which is why it is a popular color in fashion.


I find the approach that colors trigger emotions interesting.

Still, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that most of our emotions are a result of colors. Of course not.

Nevertheless, colors certainly one factor out of many and it’s interesting to see how our brain perceives certain colors.



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