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How to Fight Laziness and Procrastination

We all have our reasons why sometimes we feel lazy and tired

But how can you overcome laziness and stop procrastinating?

Let’s first look at the most common reasons for laziness.

Reasons for Laziness and Procrastination

Especially in the dark season, it is perfectly normal if you are a little lazier. Many people are bothered by the cold, uncomfortable weather, and getting up in the dark and coming home is something that most people do not appreciate.

As long as a positive attitude predominates and the unpowered days are in the minority, everything is good.

However, if the exception becomes more the rule, you should take a closer look. At 56.1 percent, women are significantly more affected than men (43.9 percent). One reason for this is that their iron metabolism is often confused by menstruation and births. Also, older people are more frequently affected.

First of all, laziness is a symptom and not a disease. The reasons that you may feel impulsive can be very diverse. The main reasons for laziness are:

Wrong Environment

We all like to surround ourselves with people who share our interests and views, with whom we have fun and can think differently. Unfortunately, there are usually also toxic contemporaries in the environment.

The pessimist who complains to you permanently and over everything, the choleric whose outbursts of anger you have to endure or the complainer who has something to complain about every idea. In such an environment, one can almost feel how with each minute one’s own motivation subsides and the drive fades.

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girl trying to Fight Laziness and Procrastination

Great Stress

To a certain extent, stress can spur on great achievements and also have a motivating effect. If this point is exceeded, it becomes a problem.

To be under time pressure, to manage tens of tasks at the same time and to have the feeling that they are never able to satisfy all requirements can lead to great frustration. Suddenly you do not feel able to do anything at all.

Missing Goals

Goals are extremely motivating and are a natural driving factor. If you have set a goal, be it a long term or a small one that can be achieved quickly, you will work to achieve it. However, if there is no goal and you do not know which direction you are heading for, resulting in laziness and procrastination.

The days are just passing by, everyday life has a firm grip on you and, in fact, almost nothing happens that could get you anywhere. Laziness quickly leads to stagnation, any incentive to do anything is lost.

More motivation to Fight Laziness and Procrastination

Too Little Rest

If the batteries are empty, everyone needs the time to recover, to regain their strength and just switch off. Chronic sleep deprivation also falls into this category. If this recovery is missing – or does not take place sufficiently – it is only a matter of time until the lack of energy strikes.

Although you can mobilize all reserves, at some point the exhaustion is too big and you will feel demotivated and lazy. This can lead to overburdening and burnout.

Constant Worries

What happens if I lose my job or become ill? What about old-age provision? There are infinitely many things to worry about in the future that is so difficult to stomach that even in the present, they are enough to steal the power.

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All the energy is consumed to visualize worst case scenarios and play through in thoughts – what remains is a bad feeling and no desire to do anything with these prospects.

Motivation to Fight Laziness and Procrastination

7 Steps to Fight Laziness and Procrastination

Learning to fight one’s own laziness is not that difficult.

A way to combat listlessness is to set you a goal and then divide that goal into 15-20 minute intervals. If necessary, get yourself a stopwatch and plan the task thoroughly. This way you will fight your laziness with surprising ease.

Here are 7 Steps to fight Laziness and Procrastination.

1. Do not overthink your fears

To fight laziness, do not keep thinking about your fears. Instead, challenge yourself to complete a task in a given time and then be rewarded for it. This will help you combat listlessness and give you the energy and concentration to complete your task.

2. Relaxation helps to fight laziness

Another way to fight laziness is to take a break for 3-5 minutes. Even this short time will help you to focus on the upcoming tasks again. Even a short nap in between gives new energy and makes you more efficient. This has also been proven by studies of sleep researchers, although this statement is not universally valid.

In addition, to combat listlessness, it makes sense to develop a cycle between work and relaxation. It helps to divide the whole task into smaller steps and to process them gradually. This approach is very effective because your brain works best when the target is already in sight.

3. Get an energy kick

Who feels unpowered, often lacks the necessary energy to get started. Here the right nutrition is important, to supply the most important micronutrients.

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4. Get involved in your task

Your brain is a priceless resource and you should use its full potential. Ways to do this are:

  • Overcome Fears
  • Do not be overwhelmed by the mass of tasks: they are divisible into smaller tasks
  • Determine what you want to achieve
  • Transfer unimportant tasks to others

5. Prioritization

To combat listlessness, it is very important to prioritize tasks. Concentrate on the things that increase your quality of life and defeat your listlessness by knowing what you are doing and doing something for.

6. Stay active

Activity is an important part to fight laziness. That’s because you can only learn through activity. The more active you are, no matter in which area, the more experience you can gain and less fear of bigger tasks in the future.

7. Take care of yourself

It is important that you bring the body and soul in good condition. Always making sure that both have enough time to regenerate. Another important tip is: Pay attention to your diet. Eat plenty or take supplements to make sure your body is supplied with all the essential nutrients.

Conclusion: How to Fight Laziness and Procrastination

As you can see, it’s not so hard to stop being lazy and procrastinating.

There are many ways to get rid of that. But before you try to find the solution, find the cause. Because only if you find the actual cause of you feeling lazy, you’ll be able to overcome it and gain back motivation.



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