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About Emerging Athlete

Hi, we are the Emerging Athletes. We believe the key to a happy and successful life depends on mastering four underlying pillars:
Fitness, Productivity, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. Emerging Athlete is here to help You with just that.
Step by step you get better and better. Keep improving and trust the process.

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A strong body builds the basis of an Emerging Athlete. We are always in shape and ready to perform.

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Time efficiency and the right habits facilitate a happy and successful life.

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High Performance in any area can only be achieved through inner peace and harmony.

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Food is our fuel.
The right nutrition builds a foundation for a strong body and a happy life.

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15 Benefits Of Minimalism

Do you know the feeling that everyday life is sometimes crushing you? The laundry piled up, the sink does not look any better. In addition, we would have to do the filing again, which we have neglected in recent months. There are still 100 unread emails waiting for us, not to mention all the What’s

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Boerhavia Diffusa Benefits

It has many names, and probably, you haven’t heard any of them before. Boarhavia Diffusa is also known as Punarnava or Red Spiderling. But what is Boarhavia Diffusa? And what are Boarhavia Diffusa’s benefits? Everything you need to know about Boarhavia Diffusa and its benefits will be explained in this article, so stay with me.

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Basics of Nutrition – Complete Guide

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The Benefits of Deloads – This is Why You Should Take Deloads!

In strength training, you have to consistently push yourself even further. Creating reasons so that your body reacts and adjusts itself to the new condition. In other words, steady and consistent progression will eventually lead to muscle growth because our body reacts to heavier weights with building bigger muscles. That requires a great deal of

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Tabata Training – A Fast Way To Get Fit

Bored of plain running, lifting weights in the gym or relaxing on your couch? Do you want to try out something new, challenging, demanding and pushing you to the limit? Sounds good, right? It gets even better. All that in just 4 minutes. No worries, I’m not trying to sell a new miracle supplement or

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