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About Emerging Athlete

Hi, we are the Emerging Athletes. We believe the key to a happy and successful life depends on mastering four underlying pillars:
Fitness, Productivity, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. Emerging Athlete is here to help You with just that.
Step by step you get better and better. Keep improving and trust the process.

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A strong body builds the basis of an Emerging Athlete. We are always in shape and ready to perform.

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Time efficiency and the right habits facilitate a happy and successful life.

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High Performance in any area can only be achieved through inner peace and harmony.

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Food is our fuel.
The right nutrition builds a foundation for a strong body and a happy life.

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15 Benefits Of Minimalism

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This is Why Your Muscles do not Grow

We all make mistakes. It can happen to anyone and is simply human. But we should learn from the mistakes we made in the past to do better in the future. As much as in every other area of life, it also applies when we train our body to grow muscles. However, making experiences to

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Is Cacao Healthy? – A Comprehensive Guide

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Macronutrients for Athletes – Complete Guide

People often wonder what the minimum requirement of [insert any macronutrient, vitamin or mineral here] is. This is indeed an interesting and great question. In this crisp guide, we’ll be releasing a few nutrient guidelines and recommendations that will provide you with the absolute minimum amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and water for athletes.

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The Optimal Traps Volume – Hypertrophy Guide

You want to have big and massive traps? But what exercises do you choose from? How often and intense should you train to get the most out of your trap workout? If these questions sound somewhat familiar, then this article about the optimal traps volume is what you’re looking for! Big traps are associated with

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