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About Emerging Athlete

Hi, we are the Emerging Athletes. We believe the key to a happy and successful life depends on mastering four underlying pillars:
Fitness, Productivity, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. Emerging Athlete is here to help You with just that.
Step by step you get better and better. Keep improving and trust the process.

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A strong body builds the basis of an Emerging Athlete. We are always in shape and ready to perform.

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Time efficiency and the right habits facilitate a happy and successful life.

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High Performance in any area can only be achieved through inner peace and harmony.

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Food is our fuel.
The right nutrition builds a foundation for a strong body and a happy life.

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How to have a lucid dream

There is a certain mystery involved with dreams. You cannot predict them, and they don’t follow a specific set of rules. I’m sure I am not the only one who was weirded out, confused or even amazed by their dreams at some point. But what if we could control them? What if there was a

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5 Tips How to Get a Sixpack

Do you want to have a nice looking six-pack? But you don’t know how to achieve your goal? Which of those promising (or not so promising;))  programs should you follow? Then you want to keep reading. There are thousands of promising programs spread all over the internet. They all have at least one thing in

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Sulbutiamine for Higher Dopamine – Ultimate Guide

Sulbutiamine is a synthetic form of thiamine (also known as “Vitamin B1”), originally developed in Japan for the treatment of vitamin deficiency disease “beriberi”. Sulbutiamine is more effective than thiamine and vitamin B1, as it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier – probably because of its fat-solubility (lipophilicity). Sulbutiamine is said to have great benefits, but

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5 Reasons Why Meal Prepping is Important

We’ve all heard about meal prep. But why is it so popular? Especially bodybuilders and athletes swear by meal prepping. Is it just exaggerated and maybe a bit fanatic? Or does it give us cogent benefits that if we would know them better, we most likely start meal prepping immediately? In this article, I’ll unveil

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How to Defeat Anxiety and Stress

Are you suffering from anxiety? are the responsibilities and obligations in your life just too much to handle? Well, you are certainly not alone. 18.1% of Americans suffer from anxiety yearly. On top of that, 3 out of 4 Americans show symptoms of too much stress on a regular basis. Scary numbers to look at.

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