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Man flexing for the optimal volume for hypertrophy

The Optimal Biceps Volume – Hypertrophy Guide

In the last article, we talked about the optimal triceps volume, if you haven’t checked it out yet definitely give it a read. 2/3 of our arms are composed of the triceps. So, why would you not want to know everything for optimal triceps growth? 😉 But I know you’re all waiting for this article.

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Young man training with optimal triceps volume

The Optimal Triceps Volume – Hypertrophy Guide

After we covered most muscles of the front and rear upper body, it’s time address one, if not the most moonstruck muscle. Well, yes I am not talking about massive calves, even though plenty of guys would kill to grow their calves. Obviously, I am referring to the arms, more precisely the triceps since I

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Weighted barbell with belt for the optimal back volume

The Optimal Back Volume – Hypertrophy Guide

The second article of our volume series will take a look at the optimal back volume. This article series will cover all crucial parameters that concern the optimal volume. This facilitates the process of developing your very own training program. If you’re not yet familiar with what volume is and how it affects the muscle-building

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man training chest with optimal volume

The Optimal Chest Volume – Hypertrophy Guide

After we have covered the most important basics about the optimal volume for hypertrophy, we’re now going more in-depth into each muscle group separately. If you haven’t read the aforementioned article yet, definitely check it out if you still have any questions concerning the volume parameters. Alright, so what can you expect from this article

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man training with optimal volume for hypertrophy

The Optimal Volume for Hypertrophy – Complete Guide

In weight training, the training volume indicates how much work we did or how much weight our muscles moved during one workout. But what’s the benefit? To put it simply: By knowing the volume, we can compare our workouts and assess if we have become stronger or weaker. According to the result, we determine if

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