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Stress in Weight Training – Comprehensive Guide 2019

Today, I am going to talk shortly about Stress in Weight Training.

This topic does not need to be made more difficult than it actually is which is why I try to keep it as short as possible.

In the following, you’ll get an overview of the most important information about Stress in Weight Training.

First and foremost, what truly is “Stress” in Weight Training?

The reason for adjustments.

Stress is an extremely important factor that affects every part of your body. As you already know, too much stress has a negative effect on your health. But not only that: too much stress, for example, can affect your recovery or your performance.

Stress also ensures that adjustments can be made. Because if no “problem” (stress) existed, adaptations would not be necessary.

Why should the body, for example, sacrifice energy and vital building blocks to build muscle?

We need some level of stress to adapt or get past adjustments.

Just imagine, you would never move again and be mentally challenged.

Would you be in a better or worse physical and psychological situation than now? Probably in a worse and therefore a certain amount of stress is also absolutely necessary to maintain your muscles.

Training is also a stress factor for the body in the first place. To a certain extent, the body does not even distinguish between the different stress factors, but of course the type of adaptation (muscle building etc.) is totally different and dependent on the type of stress.

With this knowledge we can imagine a “stress account“, similar to a “fatigue account“.

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Every kind of stress (training, relationship, work, etc.) fills this stress account more and more and thus wears out your regenerative capacity.

Thus, it can be possible that even a relatively small training stress cannot be coped with, if the remaining stress is just too big.

Conversely, one can of course say that more training can be coped with if the remaining stress is better managed.

Stress – 5 Tips

1.) If possible: Avoid stressful situations

Sounds obvious at first, but very few people pay attention to this point. If you often find yourself in one of the following situations, you still have room for improvement in terms of stress management:

  • You rush every morning instead of getting up 15 minutes earlier and doing everything in peace.
  • You’re socializing with people you’re always upset about
  • You delay things, only to get stuck in time later.

Of course, this list could be continued indefinitely, important is the main message:

Whenever you are aware that you are going to be stressed, you should think ahead about your planning. 

2.) Stay cool with things you have no control over

You can not change the situation, why get upset? The only thing you achieve with it, is meaningless stress and thus to pick up negative consequences. Next time just think about your health or gains when you’re in a traffic jam. 

3.) Do not worry about past mistakes

Again, you’re not in charge of the situation anymore. You can only learn from your past mistakes and not allow yourself to be negatively influenced by them in the present.

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4.) Meditate

Meditation can help you to manage stress. 

5.) If you feel stressed:

Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths.

Final thoughts

Finally, “Stress” stands for the reason why our body adjusts itself to certain circumstances and influences.

Particularly in Weight Training this “Stress” is inevitable if you want to build muscle and boost your strength. If you don’t expose yourself to new stimuli and stress over time, your body does not see any reason why it should build more muscle.

Thus, it can be said that Stress in Weight Training is a key factor for achieving your goals.

I hope this short article helped you to get a better understanding of what “Stress” in Weight Training means and what you need to know about it.

What do you think about Stress in Weight Training? How do you measure your progression? Do you have any specific method?

For any questions or feedback just drop a comment below or reach out to me personally on social media.

Thanks for reading, folks


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